Call for Proposals: 2023 Seed Program Application in the π-HuB Project







Introduction to the Seed Program: Aligned with the π-HuB Project's mission to pioneer proteomics-driven precision medicine, we proudly introduce the Seed Program. This initiative leverages the robust resources of the π-HuB Project's international headquarters core support platform in Guangzhou, China. Since its inception in 2021, the program has endeavored to create multidimensional proteomic maps from clinical cohorts, both locally and globally, to identify diagnostic markers, therapeutic targets, and delve into the mechanisms of disease pathogenesis.

The core support platform of the π-HuB Project has already empowered nearly 30 research initiatives, including Seed Program, analyzing over 15,000 cohort samples and utilizing instruments worth more than 60 million RMB. These resources have been instrumental in devising precise strategies for major diseases like liver, ovarian, and breast cancer, underscoring the value of large-scale scientific facilities.

Supporting Directions for 2023: To accelerate the π-HuB Project and maximize the data output and analytical prowess of top proteomics platforms, we're committed to nurturing a consistent flow of premier scientific findings. Building on the foundational objectives of the π-HuB Project, we've expanded the criteria for Seed Program funding in 2023. This growth is anchored by our dedication to augment support, emphasizing six primary research avenues:

1. Proteomics-Driven Precision Medicine Research in Major Disease Population Cohorts

2. Proteomic Lineages and Comprehensive Composition Studies in Humans and Model Organisms

3. Large-Scale Proteomic Investigations into Human Reproduction, Development, and Aging

4. Extensive Proteomic Research on Human-Environment Dynamics

5. Exploration of Automated Knowledge Discovery Systems Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

6. Other Pioneering Research Domains

2023 Funding Plan: Financial backing ranges from 500,000 to 1,000,000 RMB for high-resolution mass spectrometer usage and data interpretation. Allocation hinges on the quality, innovation, and relevance of the Program. Exceptional major research initiatives may warrant distinct negotiations. Programs should tailor their funding requests to their specific needs and operate within a 2-3 year span.

 In 2023, we anticipate supporting 5-10 Programs, with the precise grant count dependent on the applicant pool. Beneficiary Programs will gain access to mass spectrometry, computational, and storage resources from the π-HuB Core Support Platform, along with assistance in proteomics data generation, analysis, and knowledge extraction.

Declaration Requirements and Precautions:

Applicant Qualifications:

1. Eligible entities encompass domestic universities, research institutions, hospitals, and enterprises that align with this funding cycle's standards.

2. Applicants should occupy senior roles and have a background in basic research, applied research initiatives, or related domains.

Principles of Program Selection: 

1. Proposals that exude originality and an investigative spirit.

2. Research teams that display innovation, a balanced team composition, and significant accomplishments in pertinent areas.

Application Notes:

1. Deadline: November 17, 2023. The -HuB Project Management Office will evaluate submissions and provide funding suggestions. Announcements will be made via the official WeChat account of π-HuB Project.

2. Electronically send the 'Application Form' to with 'π-HuB Project 2023 Seed Program Application' as the subject. Also, dispatch two authenticated hard copies of the 'Application Form' to the π-HuB Project Management Office at No. 38 Zhongguancun Life Science Park Road, Changping District, Beijing.

3. Contact: Email:

Additional Instructions: 

1. Sample Registration: For chosen initiatives, sample submissions must be registered. If the project involves human genetic resources in China, appropriate declarations and registrations are mandatory.

2. Program Collaboration: Applicants are urged to partner with experts in proteinomics, bioinformatics, and foundational research from the π-HuB Project's international headquarters core support platform to synergize strengths and mutual benefits. Collaborations should prioritize in-depth omics data scrutiny, functional validation, and associated studies. Achievement and intellectual property sharing will be based on contributions or collaboration agreements.

3. Result Attribution: Upon publishing relevant findings, applicants should credit π-HuB Project, the Wise Eye Pre-research Program Platform, and the National Key Research and Development Program (2020YFE0202200).

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