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Executive Headquarters

Executive Headquarters

The international executive headquarters of the π-HuB project will be based at the International Institute for Phronesis Medicine (IIPM), a new type of R&D institution located in Guangdong Province, China with its registered address at the International Bio-Island in Guangzhou Development Zone. It is jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Huangpu District Science and Technology Bureau, Guangzhou Darray Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou He Xin Instrument Co., Ltd.

As the global center of the π-HuB project, IIPM will systematically introduce the research strength of the national major scientific and technological infrastructure for protein sciences (Phoenix Project), targeting the frontier of world phronesis medicine research and national health and sanitation strategic needs. In accordance with the overall planning of the Greater Bay Area construction, the institute will establish the international headquarters for the execution of the π-HuB project by creating a management organization, core support platforms, and core laboratories.
The π-HuB project will adopt a "core-satellite laboratory" model. In addition to the core laboratories, other domestic and international laboratories participating in the π-HuB project will serve as satellite laboratories. These satellite laboratories will carry out scientific research under the technical guidance and assistance of the core laboratories and upload experimental data to the Data Center of the π-HuB project.

Executive Headquarters
Executive Headquarters
Executive Headquarters
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