National Center for Protein Sciences (Beijing)

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The National Center for Protein Sciences (Beijing), also known as the PHOENIX (Pilot Hub Of ENcyclopedic proteomIX) Center, is a leading science and technology infrastructure for biomedical research in China. It was approved and jointly built by the State and Beijing local governments. The Phoenix Center houses the world's largest cutting-edge mass spectrometry facility and several first-class hardware platforms, including a bioinformatic platform supported by the "Tianhe 2" supercomputer. The Phoenix Center introduced Proteomics-Driven Precision Medicine (PDPM) as a new research paradigm in the global scientific community. Dr. Fuchu He, a world-renowned proteomics scientist and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, leads this center with a globally competitive research team to conduct cutting-edge research for unmet medical needs.

National Center for Protein Sciences (Beijing)
National Center for Protein Sciences (Beijing)
National Center for Protein Sciences (Beijing)
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