Modeling a Meta-Homo Sapiens of The Human Body

π-HuB will build a framework for computationally modeling a Meta-homo sapiens that is a virtual state-space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physiological phenotypes and digital reality (e.g., spatial-temporal biochemical information) on cells, body fluids, tissues and organs. The Meta-homo sapiens model consists of time-sequential frames with each one containing the spatially distributed single-cell proteomic data measured and augmented within a unit period to represent the human body state at a timestamp. The data frame will be formulated according to a 3D anatomical hierarchy that records the digital features of organs, tissues, body fluids and cells at each level respectively. One can instantiate the static data model with real-world data thoroughly measured from healthy adults and therefore generate a few referential state points in the human body state space. Then, the entire human body state space is dissected into multiple subspaces that are dissected through various dimensions, including different growing/aging stages, living environments and disease status.


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