Ushering in Proteomics-Driven Phronesis Medicine

Building a Meta-homo sapiens model directly empowers clinical applications based upon the proteome-centric ‘navigation’. For instance, the prototype model will be transferred from ideal body conditions (healthy adult males and females) to different developing and aging stages, progression of diseases, symbiosis, nutrient and environment conditions to obtain near reality models. It will be followed by creating a state space storing all key states of human body by simulating body dynamics with each model for certain periods. Ultimately, causal inference will be used to distinguish the underlying triggers to induce transforms between adjacent key states from their discrepancies and the state representation of each state are compressed to a minimum number of clinically detectable biomarkers required to distinguish with other states. Each state space can be regarded as a topological navigation map where each node is the key state with a biomarker representation and each edge between two nodes records the triggers to transform from one state to the other. We envisioned that landing this miraculous innovation instantiates a new practice of the reconstruction theory and will grant an opportunity to initiate an unprecedentedly new paradigm of medicine to provide temporally precise control of human body state so as to prevent disease, ushering in Proteomics-Driven Phronesis Medicine (PDPM 2.0).

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